Using the set of Site Optimization Applications integrated into the Web Control Panel, you’re able to start promoting your brand new web site, right after it’s been created. With the RSS News tool, you can quickly put a consistently updated notifications section in your site. Using the GeoIP redirection instrument, you can quickly direct your customers in accordance with their location. Furthermore, with the Sitemap Generator, you can generate a detailed sitemap for your site and submit it to the major search engines.

A Sitemap Generator

For fast search engine scanning

A sitemap is a set of all pages on a site that may be utilized by spiders and clients. You may use a sitemap to inform search engines exactly which webpages of the web site you want to be listed. Also, a sitemap could help your web visitors find their way on your website. You’d typically make use of a 3rd party sitemap software to get a sitemap for your web site. Nevertheless, with us, you’ll get a sitemap tool comfortably installed in your Next Wave hosting Web Control Panel.

In the Advanced Resources area, click on Sitemap Generator and right after choosing the file format of your sitemap, click on the Crawl button. The sitemap of your website will be all set in a few minutes and you will be able to send it to the search engines.

Sitemap Generator

GeoIP Redirection

Direct visitors as outlined by their location

Using the GeoIP redirection tool that’s integrated into the Domain Name Manager of the Next Wave hosting Web Control Panel, you can easily re–route your clients based on their geographic area. For example, if you have multiple language versions of the website, you may set up a particular language variation to automatically come up for users from the country where that language is used. This way, in case a person coming from France loads your web site, she’ll be immediately taken to the French variant, without needing to change to French by herself. To employ the GeoIP re–direction application , you don’t need just about any experience or tech capabilities. Just indicate the geographical area of the readers and the URL of your web site that you want to load for them automatically.

GeoIP Redirect

RSS News

Showcase the most up–to–date news within your site

What exactly is RSS? RSS represents a technique for submitting and gathering content. It is being widely used by information sites, personal blogs, newscasts, and so on. The submitted content is readily gathered by an RSS reader and afterwards shown to the user. Utilizing RSS, clients will acquire news from a variety of web sites and read them in a sole location.

With our RSS News Publication application, you can quickly add information feeds coming from some of the world’s most–preferred information portals and exhibit them within your web site.

RSS News